Say Goodbye to
Pain & Dis-Eases

Healing for Good Health & Vitality

Say Goodbye to Pain & Dis-Eases

In Pranic Healing, we look at pain and disease as just energy blocks waiting to be released. Our healing techniques help treat conditions ranging from minor ailments such as cough, cold, fever, bruises to chronic ailments like asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart and respiratory issues. We have had some remarkably successful healing results in almost all categories. People who are facing medical treatments such as surgery (open heart / bypass, kidney stones, dental procedures) will benefit tremendously from our healing as well.

Emotional Healing

Nurture your Mental Health

The fast-paced life of the 21st century, while bringing in immense benefits, comes packaged with mental agony, emotional suffering, phobias and addictions. The body does not distinguish between physical and psychological threats. Mental health professionals mention that when a person is stressed over a busy schedule, traffic jam, mountain of bills or an argument with a friend, their body reacts just as strongly as if they were facing a life-or-death situation. Addictions and compulsive behavioral patterns are other challenges several of us grapple with- How many of your friends have addictions who wish to quit but just haven’t got around to doing it?

Psychological and emotional conditions such as anger, grief, hyperactivity, phobias, insomnia, irritability, lethargy, hysteria, nervousness, paranoia, restlessness, depression, senility, stuttering, suicidal tendencies, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), and stress can be partial to completely healed through Pranic Healing.


For meaningful, healthy, and strong connections

When life gets challenging and dealing with all the chaos around us seems increasingly impossible, it is common to see people retire in their own shell and cut themselves off from the rest of the world. But it’s times like these where we need meaningful and caring relationships the most – be it with your spouse, children, friends or relatives! Understanding and loving relationships help stave off a lot of the depression, anxiety and anger housed within and guide you into make informed, objective decisions.

Our healing techniques have helped heal several strained relationships in households and workplaces.

Career Healing

Job insecurity to Promotion

How many times do you hear yourself and others say “I wish I could buy this but I can’t afford it”. Do you constantly worry about how to pay your bills, make the mortgage payment or finance your child’s education?

When you have financial abundance, you are in a position to enjoy all the richness and luxury that life has to offer. It frees your mind of unnecessary stress and worry that comes from not having ‘enough’ to spend. What’s more, think about the impact you can make to the lives of others when money becomes a non-issue for you!

Pranic Healing has proven techniques that will fast track your financial growth and success. You simply need to experience it to believe it!

Pranic Healing has proven techniques that will fast track your financial growth and success. You simply need to experience it to believe it!

Healing for Home

Purify your space

We are living beings with living energy fields. Just as the quality of water is important to the life of the fish in an aquarium, the energetic environment around us is critical to one’s well-being. Just as we have an energy field, the spaces we live and work in also radiate different kinds of energies, which tend to get affected by one’s thoughts and emotions. Energy hygiene or psychic hygiene is as important as physical hygiene since it affects our physical as well as psychological health. Hence it is important to purify your space to maintain overall well-being.

Healing of Businesses

Give your company performance a turbo-boost

As explained before, everything in this universe is fundamentally energy. Believe it or not, your business has a certain kind of energy associated with it as well. This explains why products and marketing campaigns initiated by certain companies just seem to ‘take off’ while rival products introduced by other competitors seem to experience sluggish growth.

How satisfied are you with the performance of your business or company division? Over the years, Pranic Healing has helped businesses in growth and performance. Many businesses have benefitted from the Healing of the different departments. If you are on a look out to try a different approach to upscale your business, book a session to understand more.

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